English Language Education Doctorate Degree

 About the Program  

◊ The Department of English Language Education Doctorate Program was activated in the 2014 academic year. In order to apply to the PhD program in the Department of English Language Education, the English Language Education undergraduate and a master's degree with thesis are required. Candidates must have at least 80 points from the ALES (SÖZ) score type and at least 90 points from the foreign language English exam accepted by YDS and ÖSYM. Other admission conditions are applied within the framework of MSKU Graduate Education and Training Regulations.

◊ Head of Science: Prof.Dr. Şevki KÖMÜR

 Information Package and Course Catalog ⇒ http://akts.mu.edu.tr/en/program/2191

 Academic Staff  

Prof.Dr. Şevki KÖMÜR
Department of  English Language Education 
 +90252 211 1763
  Prof.Dr. Eda ÜSTÜNEL
Department of  English Language Education
◊ eustunel@mu.edu.tr
+90252 211 1285

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Perihan KORKUT
Department of  English Language Education
 +90252 211 1821
Asst. Prof. Dr.  Suat CAKOVA
Department of  English Language Education
 +90252 211 5487